Belmont Stakes Tips 2021 & How to Bet

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If you’re an avid horse racing fan, here you can get the latest Belmont Stakes tips and see which horses are the top Belmont Stakes contenders for this year’s race. Your horse racing calendar should definitely have a place reserved for Belmont Stakes.

Prepare for the historic 153rd leg of the 2021 Triple Crown™ that is scheduled for 4-5 June 2021. 

Belmont Picks 2021

Even though we still don’t know all Belmont Stakes entries, based on the performance of the horses at recent races and their overall shape, we’ll name some of our Belmont picks, horses whose recent performances have caught our eye. Here are some of the favourites from Belmont Stakes 2020:

Belmont Stakes Horse*TrainerOddsGet Bookmaker offer*
Tiz The LawBarclay Tagg8/11* Paddy Power icon
Tap It To WinBrandon P Walsh7/1*Paddy Power icon
Dr PostTodd A. Pletcher15/2*Paddy Power icon
Sole VolantePatrick L. Biancone8/1*Paddy Power icon
Mischevious AlexJohn C. Servis8/1*Paddy Power icon
BasinSteve Asmussen16/1*Paddy Power icon
Max PlayerLinda Rice20/1*Paddy Power icon
Bill Mott
20/1*Paddy Power icon
Farmington RoadTodd A. Pletcher20/1*Paddy Power icon

*Both horses and their assigned odds are subject to changes.

The race has nicknames “The Test of the Champion” because it’s the longest race of the Triple Crown and “The Run for the Carnations” because the winner is draped with a blanket of white carnations. We all want to know which horses are the Belmont Stakes entries, but that will be known before the race. Go through the article, carefully read out Belmont Stakes tips and see the Belmont picks. Based on that, you can make an educated decision and place a potentially winning bet, once the time comes, and receive high Belmont Stakes payouts.

While we’re waiting for the final Belmont Stakes lineup to be announced, we’ll explore all the betting options, and Belmont picks today. This race is the most anticipated one, especially if there is a contender for the Triple Crown title, so the expectations are high.

Belmont Stakes Tips & Predictions 2021

Becoming a Belmont Stakes contender can actually be quite challenging, and here is why. Usually, 12 horses participate in the Belmont race. Only the winner of both Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes has automatically secured a spot in the Belmont race. Therefore one of our Belmont park racing tips is to carefully follow the performance of the most successful Thoroughbreds in the first two races of the Triple Crown.

Since the Belmont Stakes race is the last leg of the Triple Crown, the rules for Belmont Stakes runners are stringent. When selecting the Belmont picks, numerous factors affect the ultimate decision, apart from the age and performance of a certain thoroughbred. Below, you can see some of our Belmont Picks today. However, 2020 marked the first year that the Belmont Stakes race was pushed as the first jewel of the Triple Crown

Betting Online with Belmont Stakes Tips

The Belmont Stakes tips will often vary, as will the odds. The closer the race day comes, the more valid the Belmont Stakes tips will be. The will change especially after the first two legs of the Triple Crown. To place good bets, you should follow the performance of the horses who take part in both Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. That way, you’ll know which horses are the Belmont Stakes favourites before the race starts. This is not possible this year, since the Belmont Stakes is the first jewel of the Triple Crown, so it makes sense to review the runners of last year and how they have performed in other races since.

The most accurate odds for the Belmont Stakes winners are usually available after the first two races declare their winner(s). This is one of the most exciting races in the US, also known as the “Third Jewel of the Triple Crown”. It’s the moment numerous horse racing fans are waiting for, and because of that, a large number of online bookmakers offer diverse Belmont Stakes betting types.

Once you’ve gone through all the Belmont Stakes tips, you can make your bet and decide which horses are your Belmont Stakes favourites. You will notice that online bookmakers will introduce many Belmont picks and offers. That way, if you bet on Belmont Stakes, you might be able to get bigger Belmont Stakes payouts. There is a considerable amount of websites that offer Belmont park racing tips and the possible Belmont Stakes winners. The trick is to make a comparison and decide which one you prefer.

Belmont Stakes Tips

Belmont Stakes Betting Types

The Belmont Stakes tips are the most difficult to provide because this race is the most challenging to predict. Out fo the three races, this one has the most variables. When you’re placing a Belmont Stakes bet, you need to consider different handicapping factors.

One of the most important ones is the horses that have participated in the two races before being the Belmont Stakes runners. Even if some of them might be the Triple Crown contenders, they will be fatigued because the races are too close to one another. And they have to race against the horses that might have skipped one or both races and are well-rested.

As the race gets closer, online bookmakers will include various Belmont Stakes betting types in their offer. The most interesting bet is to predict the Triple Crown winner or if there will even be one. Other betting types are:

  • Win bet
  • Place Bet
  • Exacta
  • Trifecta
  • Superfecta

Based on the Belmont Stakes tips, you can decide for yourself which bet might get you the top Belmont Stakes payouts. Until the final Belmont Stakes lineup is released, we can only make assumptions which will be the Belmont Stakes champion, and if there will be a Triple Crown champion in 2020.

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