Grand National Odds 2021

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With Grand National 2020 cancelled, all eyes are equally on the horses set to participate in 2021, and on the bookmakers and their Grand National betting odds. Finding the best horse racing odds is not an easy task. This is why we believe our Grand National betting guide 2021 featuring all the info you need on horse racing odds can help you out.

Grand National Betting Odds

The pinnacle of horse racing events in the UK needs no special introduction. Grand National 2021 is set to take place at Aintree Racecourse, on April 10th, 2021. The prize amounts to £1 million, so no wonder all bookmakers on the market are trying to attract customers to bet with them.

This is why you can see special, custom-made Grand National offers left and right as the race gets closer. Everyone is trying to come up with the best deals featuring the most competitive Grand National Betting Odds 2021.

The question is how to choose between different bookmakers’ offers that look all the same at first glance. And the answer is pretty simple — by finding the one that offers the best horse racing odds.

Grand National Odds 2020

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What are Grand National Odds and who decides them?

Grand National betting odds are, plainly speaking, operator’s fractional representations of how likely a horse is to win the race. You can also use them to calculate how much you can potentially win if you decide to place your bet. Odds are prone to changes and they can differ from one horse to the next to reflect what an operator believes is going to happen in the race.

How are the Grand National betting odds for each horse decided?

Which horse is going to take part in the race is anyone’s guess months in advance. The final line up is announced two days before the race is set to take place. Before that, all operators have the ante-post market, which consists of the horses they believe are going to enter the Grand National.

The Grand National ante post odds for 2021 became available as soon as the 2020 race was cancelled. It goes without saying that not all horses on the market are going to appear in the race. When a lot of money is placed on one horse who is considered to be a favourite, then the operators need to make his Grand National betting odds 2021 shorter. The opposite applies, as well. When there are not a lot of bets placed on a certain horse, then his odds increase as a consequence. This is how bookmakers try to attract potential bettors to wager with them.

Why do Grand National odds change?

If you have ever placed your bets on horse racing events, you have probably noticed that the odds tend to change rapidly as the race gets closer. The same goes for Grand National betting odds. The more bets are placed on one horse in anticipation of the race, the shorter his odds become. And vice versa. The fewer wagers are placed on a horse, the higher his odds.

Another thing that we would like to highlight in our Grand National betting guide 2021, is the “over-round” percentage in each betting market. To put it simply, this is how operators earn their winnings and this is also reflected in the odds. As far as the Grand National is concerned, this percentage tends to go between 120 and 150%. This means that if the over-round is 130%, the operators would give £100 for every £130 that they receive as bets.

You should also bear in mind that fifteen minutes before the race begins you’ll be able to find the same Grand National betting odds with all the operators. This is known as the “live show” and the odds that you see attached to a horse then will be the same with all brands in the country.

This is why it’s a good idea to look around for best odds you can find in advance, as the operator needs to honour the price you were given at the time you were placing your bet.

The change in odds is particularly interesting to see when the race finally begins. This is when the Grand National live horse racing odds change by the second as the race progresses. This means that if you want to place your bet you need to have perfect timing, given that the race typically lasts a little over 9 minutes.

What Grand National odds to look for – tips and hints

Anything can happen before the Grand National race finally begins on April 4th, 2019, at 5:15 PM. The betting markets will be bustling come the morning of the race, which will especially be evident in Grand National betting odds, and once it begins in Grand National live horse racing odds.

Weather is surely a major factor that you need to take into account. The Aintree Racecourse is no stranger to rain which can make the track extremely soft and unpredictable. Some horses generally do not have significant issues with softer ground, but there are those for whom this can make all the difference. Horses known for their preference of soft track can have their odds shortened while those that do not fancy it can get higher odds instead.

Another important point is which trainers and which jockeys are set to enter the race. When it comes to jockeys, Davy Russell, Leighton Aspell, and David Mullins are a few names to jot down. And as far as trainers are concerned, Gordon Elliott, Willie Mullins, and Mouse Morris have stellar records when it comes to training winning horses.

Grand National ante post betting 2021

Even though the race is months ahead, you can find the Grand National ante post odds offered by all the operators on the market. By looking at Grand National betting odds, you can see how certain horses fare at different operators’ websites on the ante post market and which ones are considered to be favourites.

If you are considering betting on Grand National 2021, take a look at Tiger Roll odds on a few of the bookmakers’ websites. The winner of two consecutive Grand Nationals in 2018 and 2019 is quite reasonably considered to be the first favourite for 2021, as well. This is why he has received the shortest odds from all the bookmakers.

If you look up Tiger Roll odds, you can see that they are 6/1 at the moment with the majority of operators, whereas the second and third favourites stand at 20/1. The highest odds that are currently given on the ante post market are 66/1 to horses at the bottom of the list.

However, as the race day approaches there’ll be plenty more changes. Many horses will have their odds shortened to reflect their current form and standings.