Melbourne Cup Betting

Last Updated 9 Jun 2020 | Commercial content | 18+

Melbourne Cup betting is the only thing more interesting than the Melbourne Cup itself. Every year thousands and thousands of punters from all over the world try their luck for the annual race held on the first Tuesday in November.

This is not only the most famous horse race in Australia but at the same time in the whole world.

A lot of attention is given each year to the Melbourne Cup betting offers and odds. There’s so much information that it can be pretty overwhelming. Especially new bettors can have a hard time to decide whether or not certain tips, odds and offers are good and how to chose Melbourne Cup favourites.

Hopefully, this article gives answers to all these questions and to some others too. So, keep reading and get ready for an unforgettable Melbourne Cup betting experience.

Melbourne Cup Betting Offers 2020

As the event gets closer, all the popular online bookmakers start promoting their Melbourne Cup betting offers. Like every single year, some online sportsbooks provide more attractive offers and Melbourne Cup odds comparing to their competition.

The only thing you have to do is find these bookmakers and their Melbourne Cup betting promotions.

To save your time, we decided to compile this article and go through everything you need to know about Melbourne Cup betting. It’s still early to talk about Melbourne betting offers since the bookmakers still haven’t revealed any details at all.

As soon as they become available, we’ll update our article, so make sure to review this page from time to time for all the latest news about the future offers and Melbourne Cup betting odds.

For the time being, you can visit the most popular UK betting sites and see what kind of promotions they currently offer for other types of events.

Offers for Exisiting Customers

You’ll be able to find a lot of Melbourne Cup betting promotions for existing customers once the offers become available. As the event draws nearer, more and more offers will appear, so make sure to check regularly the operator’s Promotions page.

Of course, welcome offers for new customers only exist too. They are a great way of attracting new users. Since the Melbourne Cup is popular even among those who usually don’t bet on horse races, we can see why all the operators try to stand out from the crowd.

Best Melbourne Cup Betting Promotional Offers

Melbourne Cup in Australia is the equivalent of Grand National in the UK, where almost everyone decides to try his luck and watches carefully. However, the Melbourne Cup is pretty popular in the UK too. That’s why all the giants of the UK betting industry provide various types of Melbourne Cup promotional offers.

As we have already said, Melbourne Cup betting promotions are yet to come. In order to stay up to date, keep an eye on our page. Don’t forget that every offer goes along with a list of terms and conditions that you must meet.

Betting on Melbourne Cup from outside Australia

Since the Melbourne Cup is popular all across the world, UK residents can also find Melbourne Cup odds, and they can bet on Melbourne Cup horses. Just make sure to find operators offering Melbourne Cup betting odds. Most of these bookmakers offer live streaming options. That’s how you won’t miss a single second of the action.

How to Watch the Melbourne Cup Live?

All the famous sportsbook available in the UK offer the possibility to watch live the Melbourne Cup. The majority of them also include in-play betting markets, so you get to bet while watching the action from the comfort of your home.

As in previous years, the following operators are likely to include the Melbourne Cup live streaming options: bet365, Unibet, PointsBet, Ladbrokes, Betfair, etc.

Melbourne Cup Betting Types

If you are new to Melbourne Cup betting, then it’s good to go through various types of bets you, so you can see what’s popular. Hopefully, this short overview of betting types will help you make a difference among a great number of possible options.

Wins, place bets, each-way bets, futures

The following are the most commonly placed bets.

Win – this is one of the most popular types. It’s pretty easy. You just have to choose one of the Melbourne Cup horses.

Place bet – It’s a type of bet where you are betting on a horse you think will finish in the first three.

Each-way bet – This bet combines the other two mentioned above. You bet on one of the Melbourne Cup favourites to win or place in the top three. If the horse wins, you get paid for both parts of the bet.

Futures – As the name implies, futures allow you to bet on horse races several months in advance.

Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta

If you want to push your luck a little bit more, the following are the bets that many punters of for.

Quinella – There are different types of quinella. The standard one means that you can choose any two horses and they must finish as the winner and second-placed horse so you can collect your winnings. Additionally, you can include more horses and try different combinations.

Exacta – It’s similar to quinella. You need to bet on Melbourne Cup horses that you believe will finish first and second. However, unlike quinella, where the order is not important, here you must predict which one will finish first and which one will be second across the line.

Trifecta bet – It’s like exacta and quinella, but as the name suggests, this bet is for the first three places, and the correct order is important.

First Four, Quadrella, Treble, Double

Winning these bets is quite challenging, however, the high odds make these appealing to numerous punters.

First Four – You have to pick four horses that will place in the first four places and you have to guess the exact order. You can also choose more than one horse for a specific place but than you’ll get a lower price.

Quadrella – Often called quaddie, this type of bet is pretty hard. You must guess the winner of four consecutive races.

Treble – It is similar to quadrella. The only difference is that, instead of four, three consecutive races are part of the bet.

Double – As you may guess, this type of bet is the same as above, but for two consecutive races.

Melbourne Cup Odds

Melbourne Cup betting odds are available several months before the event. Usually, there are two types of odds: fixed odds and tote odds.

When it comes to tote odds, it means that they depend on the total numbers of bets placed up to a certain point. In other words, this kind of odds is always in fluctuation even up until the event.

On the other hand, fixed odds are offered by a bookmaker, and they won’t be subject to any future fluctuations.

The markets aren’t open yet, so we still can’t find any Melbourne Cup odds. However, once bookies put up their markets, we’ll get to see which Melbourne Cup top favourites seem like a good betting option.

Melbourne Cup Favourites

Handicap races such as Melbourne Cup are pretty hard to predict. There are so many factors that have an impact on the outcome. We highly recommend you to pay attention to all the Melbourne Cup horses and their past performance throughout the year.

Usually, Melbourne Cup favourites are the winners of previous races. However, the Melbourne Cup history has shown us that if a given runner is among the favourites, it doesn’t mean he’ll win. Quite the opposite actually: In the last 10 years, a horse considered to be one of the top favourites won only once. However, the favourites are likely to place in the first three places.Melbourne Cup Betting

Melbourne Cup Tips

When deciding who to bet on the Melbourne Cup, make sure to take into account the horses’ age, their past performances and ancestry. Only horses over the age of 3 can take part. Of course, it depends on various factors, but horses usually reach the highest point when they are 4 or 5. When it comes to the Melbourne Cup history, even horses aged 7 or 8 managed to win.

Australian horse Vow and Declare won Melbourne Cup 2019. The horse is trained by Danny O’Brien and ridden by Craig Thomas. Master of Reality finished second, while Prince of Arran again placed third. One of the biggest favourites was the winner of 2018, Cross Counter, but this time he finished eighth.

As you can see, the Melbourne Cup is not easy to predict. We should wait for bookies to open their markets. In the meantime, we can do some researches on our own and get ready for the action.

Melbourne Cup History

You are surely aware of the attention the biggest Australian horse racing event gets, but are you familiar with Melbourne Cup History? Known as “the race that stops the nation”, Melbourne Cup history is pretty long. The first time, the race was held in 1861, and ever since then, it reunites the Australian public once a year, every first Tuesday in November.

Some parts of Victoria have made the event a public holiday. Originally the race was run over a distance of 2 miles, but then it was shortened for 18.688 metres (61.312 ft) when Australia accepted the metric system back in 1972. It’s a handicap race that usually lasts about 3 and a half minutes. In 1990, the winner, Kingston Rule finished the race with a time of 3:16.3, and he is the present record holder.

Melbourne Cup FAQ

In conclusion, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions. Hopefully, this part of our article will be helpful to all new bettors, who don’t have much experience. At the same time, it should be useful even for experienced bettors.

When is Melbourne Cup 2020?

Melbourne Cup will be held on 3 November since the event is held annually every first Tuesday in November.

Who will win the Melbourne Cup 2020?

Like we have already said, from this point of view, it’s very hard to say. The bookmakers still have to start offering Melbourne Cup betting odds and offers. As soon as more information is available, we’ll update our review.

Where to look for Melbourne Cup betting offers?

As the event draws nearer, online sports betting operators will include more and more Melbourne Cup betting promotions on their menu. Make sure to carefully follow the operators’ websites for new updates, as well as articles like ours that bring you closer all you have to know before start betting.