Melbourne Cup Live: How to watch via Streaming in 2021

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Being part of the event directly next to the racecourse is by far the best way to watch the Melbourne Cup live. However, even if you can’t attend the event, there are still plenty of options.

And taking into account the global interest in the race, there will be millions of people from all over the world looking to tune in. So, how to watch the Melbourne Cup in 2021? Follow our guide to find out. To help you decide which horse to bet on, you can read our tips for the Melbourne Cup.

Where to watch the Melbourne Cup 2021?

Depending on where in the world you are, you will have different options on how to watch Melbourne Cup live. Some online sportsbooks offer a live streaming service to registered customers.

Watch Melbourne Cup live

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How to watch the Melbourne Cup live in 2021?

Aussies will, naturally, have the easiest time accessing the Melbourne Cup live. The official broadcasting rights to the Melbourne Cup currently belong to the Channel 10. The third-ranked Australian Broadcaster has reportedly paid $100 million for the rights.

The deal has made them the official home of the tournament until 2023. This is a major shift, as for the past 18 years the rights have belonged to Channel 7.

Additionally, viewers can also tune into the Melbourne cup stream through Channel 10’s online on-demand service – 10 play. You can find detailed instructions on how to access the stream and the list of supported devices on the 10 play website.

Additionally, Melbourne Cup live streaming will also be available on the channel. The channel will offer full coverage of the entire Melbourne Cup Day with expert opinions and analyses. The channel also offers Melbourne Cup streaming through their website, which means you can access it on multiple devices.

Finally, Sky Racing 1 channel will also broadcast the race. Since the channel’s rights don’t allow it to broadcast the race live, the event will be shown with a few minutes’ delay.

You should note that both 10 play and will certainly be regionally restricted. This means that you probably won’t be able to access the services outside Australia.

There is more. As you have seen, there are a number of online sportsbooks that will offer live streaming of the event to their customers. You might miss out on the commentary, but you will be able to tune into a Melbourne cup stream as long as you fulfil the conditions.

When is the Melbourne Cup?

Traditionally, Melbourne Cup Day is held on the first Tuesday in November. This means the Melbourne Cup in 2021 will take place on 2nd November. To get more information about the runners and favourites, read our page dedicated to the Melbourne Cup runners.

What time is the Melbourne Cup?

The Melbourne Cup start time is 3 pm AEDT (2:30 pm ACDT, 2 pm AEST, 1:30 pm ACST, 12 pm AWST).  You can expect the Melbourne Cup streaming to start several hours before the race actual race. Melbourne cup start time on Channel 10 will be around 10 am AEDT.

Can I stream the Melbourne Cup 2021 for free?

If you live in Australia or are there at the time of the event, you can simply tune into the Channel 10 broadcast. This is a free-to-air channel, with national frequency, which means that you will be able to watch it wherever in the country you are.

Additionally, if you already plan to bet on the event (learn more about Melbourne Cup betting here) you should make sure to check if your sportsbook offers live streaming. Also, make sure that the sportsbook will have the rights to stream this event in particular.

For many sportsbooks, you need to place a bet on the event to watch it via live stream. Some only require you to have a positive account balance. In either case, it’s best you read the conditions carefully.

Finally, if you don’t mind witnessing the action second hand, you can tune in to one of several radio streams. Although the experience doesn’t really compare to witnessing the race yourself, radio broadcasts can actually be really exciting to listen to.

Moreover, much like tv broadcasts, radios will usually host horse racing experts which will offer their take of the race. They will also provide you with useful background information which might really help if you plan to bet on the race.

These are some of the operators which currently offer Melbourne Cup live streaming:

  • Unibet
  • Ladbrokes
  • bet365

bet365 Live Streaming Disclaimer: You can watch live sport on your mobile, tablet or desktop including Soccer, Tennis and Basketball. All you need is a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours to qualify.

Under Australian law, we are required to inform you that Live Streaming on bet365 is exempt from Parts 3 and 4 of the Broadcasting Services (Online Content Service Provider Rules) 2018.

Can I watch the Melbourne Cup stream on mobile?

Being able to watch the Melbourne Cup live on the go is extremely useful for a number of reasons. Not the least of them is the fact that the event starts at 3 pm on a workday. Luckily, all of the ways of watching we have listed also apply to mobile platforms. Both and Channel 10 offer their on-demand platforms and each one comes with a dedicated mobile app. Since is a pay-per-view channel, its mobile services are also locked behind a paywall.

The sports betting operators we’ve listed also have robust mobile websites and apps which support live streaming. You can find detailed information on how to watch the Melbourne Cup live on mobile devices and the system requirements needed on the operators’ website. In general, though most mobile devices which have come out in the past few years will have no trouble accessing live streams.

How can I watch the Melbourne Cup live outside Australia?

With an event as big as the Melbourne Cup, global interest in the race keeps growing year after year. So, whether you don’t live in the land down under, or you won’t be in the country at the time of the race, you might be wondering – how can I watch the Melbourne Cup Live outside Australia?

Well, answering the question will depend on several factors. The major one will be, of course, your place of residence. As you can see, buying broadcasting rights for Melbourne Cup doesn’t come cheap.

That is why you can expect the event to only be broadcast in a limited number of markets. In the next part, we’ll go through live streaming options for some of the markets where horse racing is commonly considered to be among the more popular sports.

New Zealand

Much like Australians, New Zealanders can also watch the race live via This includes the tv channel, as well as the website and other platforms. Furthermore, the stream will also be available on the premium Sky Racing channel.

United States

Although ESPN used to broadcast the race for a few years, the situation is prone to change. It would be best to check again once the event gets closer.

United Kingdom and Ireland

Sky Sports will be the official network to broadcast the Melbourne Cup in both the UK and Ireland.

Other Countries

While the answer to the question of how to watch the Melbourne Cup in 2021 is pretty clear in most of the English speaking countries, the situation is murkier in the rest of the world. If you live outside the countries we have mentioned the best course of action would be to check your local TV listings.

If your cable service provider offers channels dedicated to horse racing, there is a big possibility that they won’t fail to include the Melbourne Cup.

Another solution would be to see if any of the local online bookmakers offer the service. However, live streaming is often geo-restricted and having it available in one country doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be available everywhere.

To get past geo-restrictions, you have the option of using a VPN, which will fool the system into thinking you are accessing a site from another country. You should, however, make sure that doing so isn’t in violation of any local laws and regulations.

Finally, if you run out of any other options, live radio broadcasts of the Melbourne Cup are widely available, free to tune into and perfectly legal. You can take your pick from a variety of stations and tune in online. You would be surprised how exciting radio broadcasts of races can turn out to be.

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