Melbourne Cup Odds

Last Updated 9 Jun 2020 | Commercial content | 18+

If you’re a horse racing aficionado, you must be already looking for the Melbourne Cup odds for the next year’s race. Luckily for you, we’ve been doing our research as well, hoping to provide you with the Melbourne Cup winners odds.

The Melbourne Cup 2019 was, to say the least, an exciting day for all the horse racing fans, especially for the Australian ones who were watching the race. History has been made with Vow and Declare winning the race.

Why? Well, in the last 10 years no Australian thoroughbred has won the race, until now. It was a surprise for everyone and a classic example of how the underdogs can quickly steal the spotlight and change the course of the race.

In this article, we will go through the betting highlights of the Melbourne Cup history, and we will also tell you where to find the best horse racing odds.

Where to find the best Melbourne Cup Odds?

Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse racing event in Australia, and one of the most popular ones in the whole world, hence the nickname “the Race that stops a nation”. Because of that, a part of the audience will place their bets on their favourites.

Seeing how online betting has become extremely popular, numerous bookmakers will offer Melbourne Cup odds that can be rather competitive.

We have done our research and individualised bookmakers with the most promising layout of the Melbourne Cup betting odds. Take a look at the bookmakers below, check out their odds.

Remember that you are the one who decides which bookmaker to opt for when placing bets for the Flemington Melbourne Cup.

Melbourne Cup BookmakersMelbourne Cup Odds 2020See the odds

We would like to remind you that the odds are always subject to change, up to hours before the race. Now is the right time to start with your research, read different tips, go carefully through the form guides, and look at the past performances of your favourites.

One thing we noticed helped in the decision making is that the punters have followed the general performance of their horses during the whole season, not just the previous Melbourne Cup.

Once the Melbourne Cup mania begins, bookmakers will start offering different promotions related to the Cup. You should take advantage of the situation if you deem a promotion useful.

Of course, before opting for the offer, go through its Terms and Conditions and find out if there are any specific requirements you need to fulfil before claiming the offer.

Early Markets for the Melbourne Cup 2020

Since the Melbourne Cup 2019 edition has passed, bookmakers will soon start opening markets for the next one, if they haven’t already. Of course, there are always pros and cons. The good thing about these Early markets is the great value you can secure on your favourite.

That is, of course, if you get the bet right. The con is that the horse you bet on might get scratched and not participate in the race. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing that earlier than the Derby Day, when the final field is announced.

Even though we have just witnessed a historic moment of the Melbourne Cup, we know that some of you have already started thinking about the favourites for the next year’s race. Amidst the celebrations of Vow and Declare and his big win, we have created a list of the current Melbourne Cup odds for ante-post betting. Take a look at the selection below:

Melbourne Cup Odds 2020/2021Odds
Surprise Baby25/1
Shadow Hero25/1
Shared Ambition25/1
Il Paradiso25/1
Vow and Declare30/1
Cross Counter33/1
Prince of Arran33/1

Keep in mind that this table shows the current odds, and they will most likely change until the Race day. So, make sure you check them before you place your bet.

Which Melbourne Cup Betting Odds can you find?

When we talk about the Melbourne Cup betting, there are numerous types of bets, and the most popular one is the Win bet. When punters are placing Win bets, there are two types of odds that come to mind.

The first one is the Tote odds, and the second, a maybe more popular one is the Fixed odds. If you’re new to the whole betting world, we’ll go through both of them, and carefully explain them to you.

Tote Odds

Tote betting is a type of horse race betting where you place a bet in the betting pool, and you discover the Melbourne Cup odds only after the race has been finished. In this type of betting, the Melbourne Cup betting odds can lengthen or shorten depending on the amount of money that was wagered on that specific horse, from the moment you placed your bet until all the bets are closed.

The odds price in Tote betting can be misleading or inaccurate if there isn’t enough money in the betting pool, which is why this kind of betting is usually reserved for experienced punters. Tote odds become more reliable after a great volume of bets has been placed, which usually happens a few hours before the race begins.

Fixed Odds

The more popular kind of betting is the Fixed odds betting. This type allows you to lock in a certain price, which will be paid out no matter if the odds change. The only possibility where the odds might change is in the vent of scratching, i.e. if the horse, for some reason, doesn’t participate in the race. In case your favourite is scratched, you will be refunded.

One of the reasons punters favour the fixed odds betting is the possibility of placing bets in advance, even before the Melbourne Cup final field is announced. These bets are usually referred to as the “Early Markets”, “Ante Post”, or “Future Markets”. If you already have a favourite in mind you’d like to bet on, you can place a fixed-odds bet, and therefore secure good value.


Melbourne Cup 1960

Bet Live with the Melbourne Cup odds 2020

If you want to add to the excitement of the race, we recommend placing live bets. Given the horse race only lasts a couple of minutes, you need to be fast if you opt for live betting. You should be aware of the fact that the odds will quickly change as the race progresses and horses’ positions change.

Melbourne Cup Betting Odds FAQ

Below, you can find the answers to some of the most common Melbourne Cup odds questions.

Who are the favourites for the next Melbourne Cup?

While it still might be early to say with certainty who the favourites are, based on what we saw at the Melbourne Cup 2019. However, we can mention some of the horses that came to prominence lately.

Of course, we would pay attention to the last Melbourne Cup winner, Vow and Declare. Other favourites might be New Zealand’s Surprise Baby, Irish Shared Ambition, Australian Shadow Hero. However, the selection might change until the next Melbourne Cup.

Where can I place fixed odds bets?

If you know where to find the best odds, let’s see where you can place a fixed-odds bet. Any bookmaker’s platform you visit offers fixed odds betting.

Of course, before you place a bet, do an odds comparison, see which bookmaker has the best odds and value.

Who won the previous Melbourne Cup?

The Melbourne Cup 2019 winner is Vow and Declare. The Australian bred thoroughbred is four years old. His handicap was 52kg, his jockey was Craig Williams and is trained by Danny O’Brien.

To make the race even more exciting, he wasn’t even one of the favourites of this Melbourne Cup.

Because of that, a large number of spectators and punters were in for a surprise when he crossed the finish line and claimed the Melbourne Cup throne.

How many horses take part in the Melbourne Cup?

The number of nominated horses for the Melbourne Cup usually surpasses 100. For example, for the Melbourne Cup 2019, 152 horses were nominated. However, this number will be reduced to a final field which contains 24 places.

Exactly which horses will participate in the race is announced on Victoria Derby Day, the Saturday before the Cup. Once the final field and barrier draw is finished, that’s when the betting frenzy starts. In case a horse is scratched, the final field size is reduced.