Melbourne Cup Tips

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Welcome to the complete guide with top Melbourne Cup tips to help you decide which thoroughbred horse to bet on. Often referred to as “the race that stops a nation” and for a good reason, the Melbourne Cup is held annually on the Flemington Racecourse.

This horse racing tournament is the most famous one in Australia, but it’s also heavily followed by horse racing enthusiasts all over the world.

As the Tournament day gets closer, if you plan on betting on your favourite, you should read our Melbourne Cup tips. We have collected all the Melbourne Cup betting tips and put them in one place, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

Top Melbourne Cup Tips 2019/2020

The burning question is: Who will win the Melbourne Cup this year? If you’re a seasoned punter, you already know that there is a variety of possible outcomes, and numerous factors take part in it.

Nowadays, the Melbourne Cup form guide is easily accessible online, which can help you if you’re having doubts about which horse to bet on.

But, if you’re new to the world of horse racing, betting on Melbourne Cup favourites can seem like a guessing game. When you are deciding which horse to bet on, you should go through the Melbourne Cup form guide thoroughly, simply because each detail matters.

These include the horse’s age, pedigree, performance history and career statistics. If you’re looking for the best tips, it’s best to wait until as close to the race day as possible. By then, all the relevant information will be known: the jockeys, the weather, the barriers, the final field and the track conditions.

Melbourne Cup Betting Tips

When you’re trying to pin down your favourite for the Melbourne Cup, take into consideration the following facts. According to statistics, a small number of favourites have actually managed to win the Melbourne Cup ( in the last 158 years, only 21,5% of favourites were crowned champions). In the last four years, horses that weren’t favourites managed to win the Melbourne Cup. That means that you should always consider the underdogs, they might surprise you.

Another one of the Melbourne Cup tips is to take into account the weight of the horses. Based on the Cup history, not all the horses that had the top weight actually went on to win the race.

Recently, the Internationals have come to the fore having won 7 of the last 15 Melbourne Cups. Numerous overseas owners and trainers focus on the Cup months in advance and prey prepare their horses to make it to the top.

Keep in mind that the Melbourne Cup tips 2019/2020 will change if the race conditions change. Punting on this cup requires a lot of preparation and thorough research. Apart from the form of the horses, you should observe the form of the jockeys as well.

Of course, follow the weather forecast, as it might influence the performance of some horses.

Melbourne Cup Tips

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Melbourne Cup Betting Types

No matter if you’re an experienced punter or if you would simply like to try your hand at horse betting, the Melbourne Cup is the perfect place for it. Do your homework before the Melbourne Cup frenzy starts and decide which bet you want to place.

In this section of our Melbourne Cup tips, we’ll discuss the types of bets you can find on the numerous bookmakers’ sites. Below, you can find the explanations of different Melbourne Cup betting types.

In general, there are two basic types of bets: the traditional and the exotic ones. The traditional bets are the Win and the Place bet, and any other type we mention are referred to as the exotic bets. Now, let’s go into further detail on each of these bets.

Win bet

This is the most popular and common type of bet. As the name itself says, you place a bet on the horse you think is going to win. In case the horse you backed doesn’t cross the finish line first, your stake is lost.

Place bet

What you need to do here is pick a horse you believe is going to finish among the first three runners. You will notice that the odds are lower than for a Win bet, but the chances of you winning are greater.


If you opt for the Quinella bet, you are choosing which two horses will finish first and second. The order isn’t important. Of course, there are some variations to this type of bet.


A bet similar to the Quinella, where you have to pick the two horses that will take the first and the second place. The difference is that, when placing the Exacta bet, you must select the horses in the exact order. The stakes are higher, but the payouts could be great if your bet turns out winning.

When it comes to the Exacta bet, you really need to be well-prepared. That’s when our Melbourne Cup tips come in handy.


If you decide to place a trifecta bet, your selection should include horses which will finish the race first, second and third, in that precise order. That bet is also called a Straight Trifecta. Another, preferred among punters and useful version of this bet is the Boxed Trifecta.

If you box your Trifecta bet, that means you can choose three horses, but the order they will finish the race isn’t of crucial importance. We would like to point out that this type of bet costs more than a Straight Trifecta because there is an increased number of possible winning combinations.

First Four

You won’t see many newbies trying out the First Four bet. It’s one of the most difficult bets to win, and for a good reason. You choose four horses you think are going to finish in the first, second, third and fourth place.

If you manage to win this bet, you’ve hit the jackpot. The odds will certainly be in your favour.

Of course, there is a variation of this bet as well- a Box First Four. You can choose four or more horses that will finish the race in any order, but still, be in the first four. This alternative increases your chances of winning, as there are multiple possible outcomes.

Each-way Bet

An each-way bet is a combination of a Win and a Place bet. That means half your stake is placed on the win and the other part on the place. If your horse wins, you’ll receive payouts for both parts of the bet.

On the other hand, if your horse finishes second, third etc. you will still receive the place part of the bet.


One of our best Melbourne Cup tips is to do research before placing any kind of bet. That includes the head-to-head bet. Essentially, you pick two horses that take part in the Melbourne Cup and bet on the one you think will finish the race first.

Live Betting

If you want to ramp up the excitement levels, one of our Flemington Melbourne Cup tips is to bet live. You can place the bets after the race has started. What adds to the thrill of live betting is the fact that the odds change as the horses change positions, so you should monitor them closely.

The Melbourne Cup tips are here to help you out in any way possible, but, ultimately, the decision is yours. It all comes down to you knowing your preferences and deciding which betting option is the way to go.

Melbourne Cup tips – Past Winners

One of the crucial Flemington Melbourne Cup tips is the list of the past winners, so you can see whether the favourites of a certain year made actually won the Melbourne cup.

Below, you can take a look at the past Melbourne Cup champions:

YearMelbourne Cup ChampionRace Time
2018Cross Counter3:21.17
2015Prince of Penzance3:23.15
2012Green Moon3:20.45

As you can see, in the past 10 years, the best time was achieved in 2014 by Protectionist. But, he isn’t the record-holder. In 1990, a horse named Kingston Rule set a record – 3:16.3, and to this day it hasn’t been broken.

But, who knows what this year will bring. Maybe we’ll witness a new Melbourne Cup record being set.