Preakness Stakes Live

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This article will provide you with all the important information for watching Preakness Stakes live. We review which operators offer the possibility to live stream and what it takes to access it.

Being one of the most exciting horse racing events, Preakness Stakes is held annually on the third Saturday in May. It’s the second race of the Triple Crown and it takes place two weeks after the Kentucky Derby and three weeks before Belmont Stakes. You’ll find more information about the Preakness post time in the next sections of our article.

This year’s Triple Crown is the first ever Triple Crown to be run out of order. Due to the current circumstances, the schedule for US horse racing’s most prestigious races, have been shaken up. The Preakness Stakes will now be the last leg of the triple crown and will run on the 3rd October 2020.

Horse Racing Websites With Live Streaming

The majority of popular online betting websites include a live stream section where you can find some of the most prestigious horse racing events. However, each online betting platform has its terms and conditions when it comes to using live streaming services. For instance, some of the betting sites allow free access, while some of them require to have a funded account or at least one bet, usually, placed within the last 24 hours.

Of course, this is something that varies from one online sportsbook to another and here, in this article, we’ll give a preview of all the popular websites.

Even though Preakness Stakes takes place in the USA, at the Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland, many people from all around the world don’t want to miss a second of the prestigious horse race.

Where To Watch Preakness Stakes Live?

Thanks to online betting websites and their Preakness Stakes live stream, it’s possible to follow the race from all around the world. The following sites are among the most popular ones:

How To Watch Preakness Live In the USA?

There is no doubt that this is one of the most prestigious equestrian events in the USA. The attendance at Preakness Stakes ranks 2nd, right after the Kentucky Derby. This race is kind of decisive for all the pretenders to Triple Crown Trophy. If a particular runner wins it, after winning Kentucky Derby, he stands a good chance of winning the Trophy. That’s why the odds drastically change after this event.

Some punters prefer to bet in advance, while some others prefer waiting for bets that appear to be safer. Anyway, even those who aren’t particularly keen on betting, carefully follow how the meeting will unfold, and often they decide to try out their luck. Luckily, a significant number of online sports betting operators provide the possibility to follow Preakness live. Here, we’ll enumerate some of the most common choices when it comes to watching Preakness live in the USA:


The good thing about this operator is that Preakness Stakes Live Stream is free. The quality of live streaming is top-notch, so all the bettors from the USA must do is to open an account and then they will be able to enjoy Preakness live stream. At the same time, the operator provides a vast selection of various betting markets, regular ones and in-play.


Please note that in the USA, TVG offers limited access to live streams. Users only get 10 hours of live streaming. Of course, it’s not enough for them; they can buy an additional 10 hours for a price of $3. The good thing though is that the live stream works even with weak connections. Even those who doesn’t have perfect internet coverage can watch Preakness Stakes live stream. However, users must have a verified account if they want to watch Preakness live.

There are also some other famous websites with a Preakness Stakes live option: 4NJBets, PABets, Xpressbet, TwinSpire, etc. Like the websites’ domains indicate, 4NJBets is only available for NJ users, while PABets online betting platform is strictly reserved for PA bettors.

Preakness Stakes Live

142nd Preakness Stakes Pimlico Race Course. Photo Credit: Maryland GovPics / Flickr. CC BY 2.0

How Can You Watch Preakness In the UK?

Thanks to its worldwide popularity, Preakness Live stream is also available in many different countries around the world, including the UK. We’ll include a list of some of the most famous UK betting operators:


To watch live streams provided by this bookmaker, you need to have at least one bet placed within the last 24 hours or to have a funded account. However, this rule doesn’t apply to horse racing. To watch horse racing events, you need to have at least £1 bet on a race to watch live.

William Hill

The same goes for William Hill. Any customer who places a bet worth at least £1 on the race in question, he can watch it. For other sports, you need to have a funded account or one bet placed within the last 24 hours.

Paddy Power

At Paddy Power to watch live, you must place £1 bet on the race to watch it. For other sports, you just have to be logged in.


At Betfair, to watch horses and greyhound races you need to have one bet placed on the race to watch and worth at least 50p or an exchange bet of at least £5.

That’s how horse racing live streaming services work in the UK. For most of the operators, you must bet on the race to watch, while for other sports you need to have a funded account or at least one bet placed within the last day. That’s how you get to watch the Preakness live stream too. However, before you decide to watch the race and eventually to bet on it, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the operator.

How To Place a Live Bet?

As you may see there are many bookmakers where you can find live horse races, including Preakness Stakes live. Some operators provide only horse racing without any additional sports. The one thing they have in common is that almost all of them require at least one placed bet to watch live stream. So, let’s see how you can place a bet on any given race.

Hopefully, the following tips will help you quickly access the live streaming services and place a bet:

  • Choose your favourite bookmaker and open a new account – Make sure to check all the available promotions reserved exclusively for new customers.
  • Browse the live betting section and find the event you want to bet on – Don’t wait too long to place your bet. That’s one of the best advice related to live betting that you can come across. Besides, there’s always time delay, so keep in mind that a particular betting market might be suspended before you decide to bet and you’ll miss it out.
  • Have your bet slip ready. This piece of advice is related to the previous one. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to place your bet, make sure to get your bet slip ready. Pick your selection and enter the amount. Once you want to place your bet, you’ll just have to click and accept any potential odds changes. That’s how you get to save precious minutes and seconds, and we are all aware of their importance when it comes to live betting.
  • Use the Cashout option – Along with live streaming, this function is offered by most of the online operators. If your bet is coming in, you can withdraw your earnings earlier before the event is over. On the other hand, you can also get some of your stake back if your bet doesn’t go well.

Preakness Stakes Live FAQ

Finally, let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to Preakness Stakes live betting and streaming.

Is streaming online legal?

Yes, it is. If a licensed, well-known and trustful operator is offering a live stream, be sure that it’s totally legal. It may happen in certain countries that a specific event is forbidden or the operator doesn’t have broadcasting rights for it. The thing is that you’ll never stumble upon these kind of streams with trustworthy and reputed bookmakers. That’s why it’s highly important to get to know the bookmaker you are going to watch with when watching Preakness Stakes live.

What are the exact technical requirements to watch Preakness Stakes live?

The exact technical requirements vary from one online betting operator to another. We have already said that some live streams work perfectly despite a weak connection. However, this is something that depends on the provider and you can find this kind of information in the sportsbook’s FAQs or help section.

Usually, the minimum broadband connection required is of 512 kb/s, even though some operators provide low-resolution streams and 128 kb/s is enough.

What terms and conditions apply to live streaming section of any given operator?

As we have already said, every online sportsbook has its terms and conditions when it comes to live streams. We have listed a few of them, but it might be subject to change. So, before you decide to register for any online bookmaker, make sure to check its requirements.

When does the race start?

The Preakness post time is at 4:30 PM ET on Saturday, October 3rd 2020.